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GPS Coordinates : S25° 26′ 21.9″,E30° 27′ 03.3″

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Where we are

Schoemanskloof is a valley approximately 50km long and runs in a west to easterly direction. The valley rises in the Highveld and drops down into the Lowveld.

Click on the link to download map: MAP indabushe


MapThe Crocodile River often runs very close to the N4. The plant life is very diverse with riverine forest, mountain forest and broken grass land. This entire habitat is home to a host of plants, trees and orchids.

The rare cycads Encephalartos Humilus and Laevifolius are found on the grass mountain slopes. Bird life is prolific and the kloof is a bird watchers paradise. The Crowned Eagle that prays on the Vervet Monkey population is frequently seen and heard.

The Narina Trogon and Purple-crested Lourie are also found in the area. We are still very fortunate to have small game such as Red Duiker, Common Duiker, Steenbok, Mountain Reedbuck and Bushbuck present


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