man R860.00 includes breakfast
man man R860.00 includes breakfast
man man man R1290.00 includes breakfast
man man man man R1720.00 includes breakfast
man man man man man R1950.00 includes breakfast

  • Children 13 – 17yrs sharing with parents R330.00 per person
  • Children 4 – 12yrs sharing with parents R120.00 per person
  • Children < 4 stay free

Lodge Meals:

  • Farm Breakfast – R70.00 per person
  • Farm Breakfast – Children Under 12 R40.00 per person
  • Light meals on request R80.00 per person
  • Dinner on request R140.00 per person
    Selective Bar available

Fully equipped with two single beds or 4 beds in bunk bed configuration and public ablution.

man R300.00
man man R430.00
man man man R630.00
man man man man R790.00

  • R80 for Child 4-12
  • R150 for child 13-17
  • Children under 4 stay free

Self-catering De Lux tent with en-suite bathroom and lounge.
Sleeping capacity 1 to 8 people.

man R200.00
man man R400.00
man man man R600.00
man man man man R750.00
man man man man man R900.00
man man man man man man R1025.00
man man man man man man man R1150.00
man man man man man man man man R1275.00

  • Children under 4 stay free
  • R80 for Child 4-12
  • R120 for child 13-17
  • Only one tent or caravan per stand/campsite
  • Maximum 4 persons per campsite

man R200.00
man man R290.00
man man man R380.00
man man man man R470.00

  • Children under 4 stay free with parents
  • R50 for Child 4-12
  • R60 for child 13-17
  • Phone for Quotes


Hiking, Trail, & Swimming Pool
  • Residents No Charge
  • Day Visitors R100.00 per person
  • Children Under 3 Years No Charge
Cable Slide (available soon)
  • Cable Slide (available soon)
Super Tube (available soon)
  • Super Tube (available soon)
Mountain Biking
  • Own bikes – free
  • Bike hire
  • Extreme – Mountain to Brandwag outlook point R100.00 per person
  • Casual Rides in Game Camps R60.00 per person per hour
  • Day Visitors R100.00 per person


  • Big Bag – R 50 (enough for two fires)
  • Small Bag –R30 (enough for one fire)
  • R15 per bag
  • Please enquire at management for a complete list of items that’s available.

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